Definition of Spin-Stack®

Rotation of mechanical inserts or blocks, whether inside the mold itself or part of the mold frame, with a common goal of rotating the least amount of insert or block weight in the process. With the least amount of insert or block weight, Spin-Stack® molds can run faster, safer, and longer. Spin-Stack® is not axis specific which means you can perform rotations not only on the vertical axis but also on the horizontal axis, as well.

Using Spin-Stack® mechanical inserts or blocks, molded parts can be held and controlled in a positively effective manner between locations. Essentially, the mechanical inserts or blocks become fixtures to maintain control of the molded parts, while being moved or transferred to a new location.

Various multi-position techniques or combinations thereof can be applied such as additional cooling, secondary material (i.e. 2 shot, 3 shot), assembly of product, labeling, painting, insert loading of label / metal / electronics, inspection, and part removal, just to name a few.  

 Spin-Stack® may be known by other names in the industry, such as:

  • Spin Cube Mold
  • Rotary Cube Mold
  • Rotating Stack Mold
  • Cube Mold