Gram Technology, the inventor of SpinStack® technology

A leading advisor on innovative manufacturing solutions and product enhancements for the plastics industry.

Whether applying one of Gram Technology's manufacturing patents or supporting our clients with traditional development and manufacturing services using one or several of our strategic partners, the Gram team is there every step of the way.

At Gram Technology, we are all about providing the best solutions for our clients.

The industry and clients we serve

Gram Technology works with OEM’s custom molders, contract manufacturers, and developers worldwide. Our clients supply products to the medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, electrical, and automobile industries and beyond. Services offered by Gram Technology are not industry nor client specific.

Experience and Strength 

For over 20 years, Gram Technology’s solution for success has been working with our strong network of top service and manufacturing partners across the world to not only deliver the right solution for our clients application, but to support them long after the project is completed.

Art to Part or Ala Cart Services 

Using our technical expertise, Gram Technology offers not only art to part consultancy but also an ala carte approach in solving our client’s needs. Our services include product development and analysis, Spinstack® injection mold development, turnkey manufacturing, and contract manufacturing solutions for finished products.